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Assortment of past projects
KLR650 Centerstand-Aide ©™  Patent No. 8453536

KLR650 Centerstand-Aide ©™ Patent No. 8453536

KLR650 Centerstand-Aide ©™  Patent No. 8453536
Ergonomic designFolds completly out of the wayNever in your wayBut stands out when neededNever in your wayBut stands out when needed
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Center stand assist. Frame mounted handle.

Anyone who has purchased a center stand for their KLR650 absolutely MUST have this invention.
Will fit 1987 to 2008 Kawasaki KLR650
Once mounted this handle blends in with the frame and is tucked away until you need it.

More uses than just assisting with getting your bike up on the center stand. If you ride off road much
this handle will give you an excellent and very strong way to lift your bike out of a rut or mud bog.

You can grip it with your hand or loop a rope around it and pull the bike up and out with the help of others, its uses are endless.

This product is machined using state of the art CNC machining centers. They are made from 6061-T651 Billet Aircraft Grade Aluminum.
All stress points have machined radius's for strength.

Clear Anodized for corrosion protection

All hardware is High Quality Stainless Steel, including all bolts and ny-lock nuts the ball bearings and spring.

Patent No. 8453536
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Nozzle Buddy

Nozzle Buddy

Nozzle Buddy
Comes with high quality adhesive backed velcro seperately as shown to the right in this picture. On the left shows one possible use.
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Take a look at the new and improved Nozzle Buddy. Made of 1/4 inch thick (6mm) Polypropylene which is impervious to most chemicals and gasoline, oils etc,etc.
If you have or have used one of these made of metal you may already know that they can ding or scratch your paint if you drop it on the tank or elsewhere.
Not with this one. Its softer than the paint and will just bounce off.
One look at the picture and you will know what to do.
But for the uninitiated here is how it works:
1. remove nozzle from pump
2. pull back spring loaded vapor recovery collar
3. place Nozzle Buddy securely between the recovery collar and the nozzle collar.

4. Make sure Nozzle Buddy is securely in place.

5. release and fill your bike without having the trouble of pushing and pulling, nice and relaxed, no upper body workout, and the tank is full.

6. stop fuel flow, remove nozzle from tank, remove Nozzle Buddy. etc.

Price is just $10.95 including sales tax
Shipping is FREE. to Lower 48 states. Other locations please inquire. Enjoy the ride.



NEWS FLASH NEWS FLASH..... I have just been informed from a very good source that MOST pumps in California do have the collar, but that in many states they do not due to less stringent emissions laws.

IMPORTANT: You will be asked to fill in your credit card information on this website than you will be sent to PayPal to complete the payment, PayPal may ask for you to re-submit that information.

Because there is limited risk of fuel spillage from the user forgetting the pump nozzle safety is disabled, by purchasing this item, you agree to the following;
To hold harmless and free of any and all legal and or civil liability associated with the use of this product, all persons, entities, resellers, manufacturers, involved in the creation of this product.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 2 reviews: 5.0
Works for DodgeIt may be made for motorcycles but I have a 2016 Dodge Ram Hemi. I buy most of my gas at Costco which uses the VST nozzles. Not only would the nozzle kick off every few seconds but two people were required to remove it from the filler neck. One to lay on the ground and push up on the trucks fill tube and one to remove the nozzle. I tried this for the first time and the only time the nozzle clicked off was when the tank was full. Plus the nozzle pulled right out. No muss, no fuss, no spillage. Of note: Dodge has already replaced my filler neck and vent to no avail. They say they know there is an issue but have no fix for it. I have been told some Toyota trucks are having the same issues. Will likely order a spare to have on hand. Written by Mike on Tue 15 May 2018 1:56:24 PM GMT
Great productI had one years ago that a local guy made for me, then I stopped riding for a while and lost it...so happy to find these, they are GREAT!!! Plus super fast shipping and great communication, could not ask for more! Written by chris slawski on Wed 18 Oct 2017 3:02:11 PM GMT
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