BMW K75 Exhaust tip.
BMW K75 Exhaust tip.
View of drill templateTemplate in place, note written directionsFinished tube showing downward facing scalloped side portRough tubes during production.
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This Product was developed out of a need to breathe fresh air. This is a subject most don't talk about
and now there is an inexpensive and complete fix to the problem of exhaust being pulled into
the low pressure area in front of the rider created by the full fairing on all
OLDER K75rt, BMW motorbikes.

Some of you know it and some don't. Then there are those in denial..... admit it,
on long rides when the cross winds are low, you get drowsy... a bit tired.
It's not just the miles adding up, its the carbon monoxide, your own bikes exhaust !!!
This cures the problem permanently.
To install this accessory you will need to have the skills and tools necessery to drill and tap
3 holes in the end of the exhaust canister(muffler).

A new sharp 1/16 stub drill, .136 dia. number 29 drill, 8-32 NC plug cutting tap (not a form or roll tap)all new and sharp
and tapping fluid or compound for stainless steel.
You can get these items at a machine shop supply store they are about 12 bucks each but price will vary store to store so don't quote me on this.

Very Specific Directions will be supplied along with a specific tool list. For those not so handy
with tools, and you know who you are :-)

We recommend your local BMW Motorcycle shop and their highly skilled staff.
Or anyone you know who has these skills.
Again, because the exhaust tube has been work hardened it is very difficult to
cut threads into and takes someone with experience.
You only get 1 shot at getting the hole location and threads right, do not make a mistake.

Step 1. Start by pressing the plastic template against the exhaust canister as shown in the video on the website.

Use the 1/16 drill to start 1 hole by inserting it through the small hole on the plastic template and drilling

just enough to start the hole. When this is done remove the template and finish drilling the 1/16 pilot hole.

Step 2. Use the 1/16 stub drill and some of that cutting fluid and drill that hole, keep the speed of the drill low
apply straight moderate pressure, you should see small metal chips, every 15 seconds stop and lube
the drill and hole, less than a drop is plenty.

Step 3. When you successfully drill the 1/16 hole change to the .136 number 29 stub drill
and lube / drill through the pilot hole you just finished.

Step 4. Use a #19 drill and drill out he 1/16 hole you just used in the plastic template taking care to keep the hole straight,

this will be the tap guide so you tap the holes straight through the canister.

Step 5. Mount tap in " T " style tap handle, apply tapping fluid to the tap and 1st hole you just drilled.

Place the template with the 1 hole you drill with the #19 drill over the hole to be tapped.
Insert the tap into the #19 hole to guide the tap squarely into the hole to be tapped.

Hold the tap straight and square 90 degrees from the face
of the exhaust canister, press and turn to the right, do not wobble when turning
it will ruin the thread or worse may break the tap. keep turning the tap until you feel it cutting
turn 1/2 turn no more and back a 1/4 turn, this breaks off the little piece you just cut, turn
back to the 1/2 turn point and go another 1/2 turn, back off 1/4 turn, continue until the tap is
freely turning and in a 1/4 inch or more.
You have just tapped your first hole.

use one of the supplied screws and mount the plastic template by the #19 clearance hole into the tapped hole.

This is to keep all holes spaced properly, if you try to drill all 3 at once I can almost guareente  a mis-alignment.

Go to step 1 and do hole #2.

Remount template now using the 2 threaded holes, this will make sure that hole 3 is placed correctly.

Go to step 1 and do hole #3.

Step 6. Now mount the tailpipe with the supplied screws, make sure the tail pipe is positioned correctly
with the down tube facing down hold the base against the exhaust canister and snug up all screws.

Step 7. Verify the gasket is properly in place and bolt it on. Do not over tighten, just enough to compress the lock
washers and a 1/4 turn or so. Remember there is only a 1/16 inch thick sheet the screws are tighten up to
Its plenty strong but you can strip them out.

AS you now know, this is an involved process for a skilled technician or home mechanic. If you are not
comfortable doing this. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT. It would ruin your day or more if you broke the tap
off in the hole

The body of this product is machined from 6061-T651 Billet Aluminum. Currently available Polished to a high luster
or a light grain texture applied to the face.

Cost is $149.95 plus $15.00 shipping to the lower 48 states.
International shipping is calcluated on an individual basis, please call to order so we can agree on the cost to ship to your location.

Trust me, this is worth every penny, your lungs and brain will thank you.

The rotor shaped base is machined from 6061-T651 Billit Aluminum. The exhaust tube is machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum. All visible hardware is Stainless steel. The gasket is Industry standard quality exhaust gasket. The value is that you will be able to smell your surroundings, the meadows, the fields, the redwoods and ferns. And as I just found out tonight while riding, if your engine is leaking or steaming or burning something just a little, you will notice the subtle smells being pulled from the engine area by the low pressure area behind the fairings windscreen which are normally masked by the exhaust fumes.
Features Benefits
Once this is installed properly you will be able to truly enjoy the ride, wide awake, alert and Safe ! The main benefit is of course better air in your lungs. Another is your left case will heat up to a lesser degree as no hot exhaust is hitting it.
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
WOW, Fresh airWorks as advertised!
Until I put this on I did'nt know how much of my bikes exhaust I was inhaling... until I did not smell it any more. Just what was around me on the road.
Written by Anton on Tue 29 Sep 2009 6:50:09 AM GMT
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